Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Massage the Breasts

1. Breast massage for a few minutes from the base (top) toward the nipple (bottom) using the little finger to index finger with a circular motion on one part, then after a few minutes to move a finger to other areas in the breast with the same movement. This movement is similar movements performed breast examination pad (breast self examination).

2. Press the breast from the top toward the nipple. then continue the movement started from the direction of the chest wall to the nipple. This movement will help relaxation and help milk ejection reflex.

3. Vibrating breasts with both hands, so that the force of gravity will help the expenditure of breast milk.

4. Put your thumb on the tip of the nipple aerola above, and place the radius and the other at the bottom of aerola. press into the chest wall, then move your thumb and fingers are stuck in aerola circular motion. This movement to empty the water reserves in the breast milk of breast tissue without damaging the very sensitive.

5. Do the same on the other breast. do on each breast for several minutes until milk comes out enough.


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