Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Do not Give Food Before Six Months

It is pointless to give food Breast milk substitute before six month - besides being overweight is not necessary. In fact, it could be the companion of breast milk foods are triggering allergies in infants, digestive disorders, or obesity.

Why the age of six months is best when the child begins to escort food given breast milk?

* Giving to eat after the baby is six months old to give greater protection from various diseases. This is due to infant immune system <6 months are not perfect. Feeding breast milk escort premature tantamount to opening the entrance gate of the various types of germs. Not to mention if it is not served hygienically. Results from recent research showed that babies who received breast milk foods companion before he was six months, more diarrhea, constipation, colds, and heat than babies who only get the mother's milk exclusively. Not to mention the study of other world health agencies.
* When your baby is six months old or older, digestive system is relatively perfect and ready to receive Food escort breast milk. Some proteins such as enzymes solver gastric acid, pepsin, lipase, amylase enzyme, will be produced at the time he was a perfect 6-month-old.
* Reduces risk of allergies due to food. When infants aged <6 months, the cells around the gut is not ready for the content of the food. So that the food intake can cause immune reactions and allergies occur.
* Delaying the provision of companion foods breast milk until six months to protect babies from obesity later in life. Sari-solving process is not perfect food. In some extreme cases there is also a necessary consequence of surgery companion Food breast milk too early. And lots of other reasons why the Food escort new milk may be introduced in children after the age of 6 months.


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