Friday, May 28, 2010

Tips Expressing Breast Milk with Pump

To help remove breast milk, mothers can also use tools such as pump breast milk. Currently, available various types of pumps, whether using electrical or kinetic energy by using their hands. with the diversity that is available, you can choose according to your needs. because, not all pumps are working perfectly. you should try several types before finding the best for you.

Besides according to the needs, should buy a pump that comes with the bottle. This pump is better because the milk is pumped directly into the bottle, so that the cleanliness and freshness intact. in addition, a good pump should be able to remove milk from your breasts in the second 15-minute time span.

Some things to consider when you pump breast milk are as follows:
1. wash hands and all equipment prior to pumping breast milk. take care of this equipment is always clean though not being used.
2. Express breast milk in an hour drinking baby. This pump can also be used to remove all the breast milk that may remain after the baby nursing. it is good to stimulate breast milk.
3. For your convenience, Express breast milk in a closed room.


Alexandra said...

Also I just found out that the pumps come in different sizes...depending on your breast size.

human breast milk banks said...

these tips are so useful for me great work nice article keep going...

human breast milk banks

breast-milk for babies said...

wow, i never heard about it, but does not it causes side effects as it is not like more of natural.

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