Saturday, April 17, 2010

Forget the diet

Another thing to keep in mind, mothers need not fear getting fat during lactation. because fat is dumped during pregnancy will be used for the formation of breast milk. in other words a breastfeeding mother, his weight will be more quickly returned to the original weight of the mothers did not breastfeed. so focus your attention on the needs of your baby breast milk, especially during the first six months.
if the mother a little concerned with body shape now, then the mother can only reduce foods high in carbohydrates and sweet, like rice, bread, cakes, candied fruits, candies, chocolates, drinks and sweet biscuits. full cream milk skim milk can be substituted by a lower fat content. usually fried foods can be cooked in other ways, such as steamed, boiled, or burned. other than that avoid fat meat, as well as vegetables and fruits high in calories, such as avocado, soursop, maize and tubers.
but so, it does not mean the mother may reduce the frequency of eating or not eating on time should be for reasons too busy. you can take ten minutes on the sidelines during your busy to sit down to eat bread and eggs, a glass of milk and a few pieces of papaya, for example, this is all enough to make a contribution to nutrient substances the body needs.
so you should not always think about weight loss. could disrupt production in addition to breast milk, mothers still need extra calories to do activities during your child is still young, treat, and ask him to play. do not be a happy moment when it just missed.


Alexandra said...

very good point and great tips! although I got the baby blues after my daughter was born and over ate to deal with it. so I didn't lose any weight in the beginning. she is almost 9 months old now and I am finally starting to lose because I have my eating under control.

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