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Nutrition breastfeeding mothers

1. Consider the adequacy of calories
During lactation, a mother will produce milk of 800 ml, containing 600 kcal (kilocalories). Therefore, pregnant or lactating women need more calories than non-pregnant women. if the circumstances do not pregnant a mature female requires approximately as much as 2200 calories kcal per day, then a mother during pregnancy requires approximately as much as 2500 calories kcal per day. This requirement will increase again when the mother breast-feeding. he must add another approximately another 750 kcal per day of normal requirements, so be approximately 2900 kcal. when consumption of calories (which can be obtained from carbohydrates and fat) is low, it will be a lot of protein for use as energy is wasted. whereas, this substance is actually a substance-forming substance that is necessary for growth. that's why, the mother must comply with the good will of calories her body needs

2. Protein
breast milk contains protein, approximately 1.2 g/100ml. therefore, nursing mothers need to consume approximately 64 grams of protein per day, which can be obtained from fish and eggs. Other substances are also very beneficial for babies is taurine, karnetin and nucleotides. All three played an important role in the work of the nervous system, metabolism and immunology (the immune), the little guy. when a mother breast-feeding always consume protein, both animal and vegetable oils in sufficient quantities, this substance is automatically third is enough to meet the needs of the body.

3. Fat
Also important is consumed while breast-feeding mothers are essential fatty acids. This substance is very important, among others in the process of growth or the formation of a baby's brain. Essential fatty acids in the form of omega 3 (in the body will become DHA), can be obtained by consuming various kinds of sea fish, like mackerel, anchovies, and green vegetables. whereas omega-6 can be obtained from oils derived from seeds of grains, including soybean oil and corn oil.

4. Vitamins and minerals
considering the production of breast milk also need iron and calcium, so it is recommended that mothers consume as much as 28 mg of iron per day, and approximately 900 mg of calcium per day. iron, which among other things required in the blood supply, can be obtained by eating liver, beef and seafood. calcium, which is useful for the formation of teeth and bones, could be obtained from
milk and processed products, and nuts.
when breast-feeding mother would need a share of vitamins and minerals. several types of vitamins are necessary as class B1, B2, B3, B12 and vitamin C. levels of these vitamins in the body of consumption depends heavily everyday. at least, nursing mothers need an additional approximately 1.2 mg vitamin B1, B2 of about 1.4 mg, about 12.4 mg B3, and B12 of about 2.3 mg. Vitamin C is needed as much as 85 mg per day. many vitamins can be by consuming a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits. in addition it contains vitamins that are needed by breastfeeding mothers, fruits can help refresh the body.
considering the mineral zinc can not be stored in the body, then this substance must also be in the daily consumption of approximately 25 mg per day. meat, eggs and fish is a source of zinc. necessary vitamins and minerals among others in the process of metabolism.

5. Liquid
during breastfeeding, you also need more fluids. function to replace a lot of fluid out through breast milk. but to drink as much as 8-12 glasses per day, the liquid can also be obtained in the form of fruits, vegetables, and drink milk.
so important, the mother should always keep healthy and nutrient substances in the body, so that the quality of breast milk produced are really excellent. for that, the mother needs to consider the pattern of the right foods, by choosing the type and variety of food that is appropriate and balanced. thus, the mother does not get bored. if the mother is decreased appetite, try eating little by little but with closer intervals. with diets like this, you are expected lactation proceeded smoothly and the baby can grow up healthy and smart.


J Sofa said...

I was really picky about what I ate when I was breastfeeding because I knew what went in me went in my baby, but I wasn't thinking about the body products I was using and how they seep right through the skin into your system. I started using mom and baby balm from L'occitane, but it got expensive and so now I use Modu which is a Korean American product, organic and all natural for both me and my baby. Love it and I don't have to worry about it tainting my breastmilk. You can check out their stuff at Just remember what you put on your body goes into your body. Love your posts. Best, J.

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