Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips to trigger breast milk ejection reflex

The occurrence of reflex milk flowing in every mother is different. there is no quick and slow. milk ejection reflex is influenced by many factors, the following are tips that may help stimulate the mothers in these reflexes.

1. choose a place of calm atmosphere without any disturbance when feeding.
2. Set aside time for breastfeeding, so the mother does not feel hasty rush when nursing mother's milk.
3. turn the soft rhythmic songs during lactation.
4. sit in a comfortable chair with a buffer on the back and arms. you can choose a rocking chair as one type of chair is quite comfortable to use when breastfeeding.
5. make sure the baby is well positioned right against your breast. he does not get too far, too close, too high, nor too low with the breast. Essentially, he's positioned in such a way that the mouth and lips can reach the nipples and the area aerola comfortably.
6. dairy milk slightly, then spread on the nipples and aerola before beginning breastfeeding.
7. Also there's nothing wrong if the mother provides a fresh and highly nutritious beverages, such as fruit juice, which can be drunk as a distraction during feeding activity took place.
Eight. wear a special holder for mothers breast feeding, which can be opened and adjusted to the needs of breastfeeding mothers at the time.
9. Condition your mind to only think about how unfortunate your child and want to give you all the best for her.
10. drink something warm, but contain no caffeine.


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