Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ways of giving breast milk successfully

On my post this time it gives tips that can give mothers exclusively breast milk easily and smoothly to the baby, so the mother can understand the basic nursing and must also be able to ensure the production of breast milk really good.
1. Perform regular breast care (cleaning, massage, pumped and if necessary compressed)
2. drink milk, fruit juice, or plain water as an additional fluid to produce breast milk.
3. while nursing, seek the most comfortable position (lying down or sitting down)
4. hold the breast between your thumb and forefinger (thumb position above) just above aerola (a rather dark part of the breast). then bring the nipple towards the baby's cheek so that the baby's lips touched the corner.
5. make sure your baby's mouth does not just go up to the nipple, but also throughout aerola.
6. make sure the baby is not sucking the lower lip or tongue.
7. be careful not to breast baby's nose closed.
8. note the strong movement, regular and rhythmic on the baby's cheek, which indicates that the exploitation of the ongoing milk.
9. at an early stage, feeding time is 5 minutes per breast. The next phase of 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so on in accordance with the needs of infants.
10. Do not forget to give your baby a chance to belch before another move to breast feeding
11. after the baby is feeding, the nipples dry thoroughly. in early lactation would be very good if left nipple in contact with air for 10-15 minutes for your nipples to be strong.
12. allow the baby to nurse as often as possible. it is good to train a baby as well as to stimulate breast milk production.
13 do not forget to eat foods with balanced nutrition, so the quality and quantity of breast milk is assured.


Alexandra said...

great list!!

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