Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When mothers return to work

for her career, after approximately three months of parenting your own child at home and provide an exclusive breast milk, you must be seized with a sense of worry about having to leave your baby to work again. whether you can still keep the little one, give him love and give you the best while you keep working. There are several ways or tips to keep giving their best for the child as long as you keep working.

who can take care of your child while you work?
so when you start work there is a sense of calm in the heart and can not concentrate at work, you must find the right nanny is best for your baby while you are away. A good nanny should be able to act as your substitute, and experienced in baby care and baby care skills. you and the caregiver must have good communication, know each other and have a good relationship so that you can trust and calm when you leave your baby. there are several alternatives for your baby sitter who could be assigned the responsibility to nurture and care for the baby during your work:

1. parents / in-laws or relatives.
If parents / in-laws or relatives may help in caring for your baby during your work, it is a good thing because once you start working closest person who could be counted on to help you. but it probably will not last long because they also have their own activity, so this is the best during the transitional period.

2. babysitter
generally babysitter has got the basic education parenting, let alone the usual babysitter is also in place a foundation that can monitor the job. but there are some things you need to consider before choosing a babysitter for your baby sitter
* Babysitter relatively high salaries, and should you still have to select first whether you choose a babysitter who has expertise in caring for a baby and really care about the children or just care about the salary.
* Choose a babysitter who has the knowledge, skills and experience in caring for the baby.
* Do not over-reliance parenting your baby to the babysitter, do not always assign all the care and nurturing to the babysitter for the role of parents still number one.

2. housemaid
should you entrust your baby to a trusted housekeeper you may already know the previous or coming from around where you live and also have experience in caring for babies. much you need to consider include:
* Choose a housemaid who has the knowledge, skills and experience in caring for the baby.
* Make it a habit once a housemaid with your baby before you start work so that your baby has been accustomed to a housemaid and train them in the care of infants.
* Provide as much information about the cleanliness, habits of your baby, and feeding schedules.


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